Journalism 11 teaches students how to write news in a professional manner. It does this by putting an emphasis on forming proper journalistic writing habits through reading and writing good journalism.

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  • Melvin Mencher, News Reporting and Writing, 7th ed., 1996, This is a big book, and therefore an expensive one, but it is the best in the field. It seems silly to spend as much as you do for a university education, then deliberately use an inferior textbook in order to save five bucks. Besides, you will use the book in the next course, Jrnl 13, so hang onto it.

  • Strunk and White. Elements of Style. This is the most famous style book in the English language. We have a set of videotapes that accompany the book, if you prefer to learn how to write by watching television.

  • The Associated Press Stylebook. This you'll use until you wear it out and then buy a new one. The UPI stylebook is acceptable as well. A wire-bound copy will lie flat. The editions don't change much from one to the next, so a used one of recent vintage will do unless it's badly marked up.

  • A dictionary, preferably Webster's New World, which is the one the AP stylebook is based on. Paperback is fine. You should already own one, but if you don't, buy one. You can't function without one, even in this era of spell-checkers.

  • New York Times, daily and Sunday. Discount student subscriptions are available or you can buy one from a box, at the bookstore or any number of other places.