An Attempt At Full Disclosure
Francis A Rizzo III is a graduating senior print journalism senior, leaving Hofstra University with a B.A. in Print Journalism with minors in English and Psychology.

Rizzo served on Hofstra's student newspaper, The Chronicle, as an occasional feature writer, music reviewer and sports writer during his four years at Hofstra.

Rizzo was removed from the paper's staff following a conflict between the student humor magazine he served on as editor-in-chief and the editorial staff of the paper, during the 1996-97 school year. He returned to the paper in 1998 following the election of Martha Voelz as editor-in-chief of the Chronicle.

Rizzo has worked for four years in Hofstra's Office of Athletic Communications and interned for a semester in Miramax Films' publicity/public relations office. He also served as an apprentice editor for one year, two years as editor-in-chief and one year as executive editor on Nonsense Humor Magazine, Hofstra's only intentional humor magazine.

This is Rizzo's second independent study of journalism at Hofstra. His first, an examination of the impact of the Internet on journalism, can be found at

Rizzo can be reached at