News Quiz
November 9, 1998

1- Why was President Clinton at the New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore on Monday?

2- What has been credited for the increase in Democratic election wins?

3- Why has Newt Gingrich stepped down as speaker of the house?

4- Why has the U.N. Security Council voted to condemn Iraq?

5- What steps did Henry Hyde take in bringing the Clinton impeachment hearings to an end?

6- What effect will the announcement Russia made about foreign debt have on that country?

7- How was Jesse Ventura able to become governor of Minnesota despite his third-party underdog status?

8- Why is building pushes in Boston indicitive of a national trend?

9- Why was Don Siegelman's win in the Alabama governor's race unusual?

10- Why has Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed in presenting the Israeli-Palestinian agreement to his cabinet?

In The News:
Why has Robert Livingston been in the news this past week?