Thursday, March 15, 2001
Vol. 2, Issue 50

Sun Leads U.S. Server Sales, But IBM Leads World
They've been battling for weeks to be king of the server market. Now IDC has released data for 2000 that may put them in their place -- for now at least.

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EMC, IBM Boost Ad Budgets
Some people would say that it's not the most prudent time for tech companies to start a spending spree -- but EMC and IBM would disagree. Both are kicking off multimillion-dollar ad campaigns.

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The Shrinking IT Budget

Novell's New Chief: Prepare For Change
Newly appointed CEO Jack Messman has a message: The course Novell travels won't be the same with him at the helm. His first goal: Revitalize the company's solution-provider channel.

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See It On TechWeb Today: Nokia: Static Outlook
The good news is that the mobile handset market's still there, says Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila, and the company's excellent product portfolio will carry it through any economic downturn very well.

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Channel Vet Bonner Leaving IBM
Ian Bonner, Big Blue's most visible promoter of software partner initiatives, is taking a different path. What will that mean for the vendor, which recently upped its interest and commitment in the channel?

Nokia Sticks By Forecast
The world's largest mobile-phone maker is in a league of its own: It's not cutting first-quarter earnings estimates. But its sales growth and market size forecasts are another matter.

NTT, AT&T Plan To Launch U.S. I-Mode Service
But just because the i-Mode technology is a big hit in Japan doesn't mean it'll be a big hit in the United States. Carriers, analysts say, need to pick up some lessons from their Japanese counterparts.

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What's Apple Trying To Say?
Marty Cortinas

Mac OS X has gone gold, but the final release isn't going to make everyone happy.

The multimedia crowd, in particular, will find it a mixed bag. Hint: The OS is at golden master, yet there's no DVD support. QuickTime 5 will be included, yet there's no analog video.

And remember Final Cut Pro 2.0, Apple's industrial-strength video editing tool? The new version is reportedly much faster than the previous one. But oddly, it'll be available for Mac OS 9.1 only.

Why Apple doesn't release X software and OS X at the same time is baffling. And it's not clear when Final Cut Pro will make its debut as a native X app. What is clear is the new OS doesn't give the Mac's core audience -- content creators -- much reason to migrate to it.

Is Apple trying to send a message?

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Quick Hits
NCR Takes Palm And Handspring To Court
NCR is suing Palm and Handspring over what it alleges is patent infringement. "Palm and Handspring knew about the NCR patents, [but] chose not to seek licenses from NCR," the company said in papers filed on Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Delaware. The technology allows retail and consumer users access to and the ability to manage "substantial" amounts of information. The lawsuit cited two products, the Palm Pilot and Handspring Visor, as allegedly infringing devices that have had "tremendous commercial success." The patents were issued in 1987.

PriceGrabber Launches March Madness Stats
Comparison shopping for products online is a cinch, but what if you wanted to comparison shop for an NCAA team to root for when March Madness hits? has rolled out its comparison-shopping channel -- Comparison Shopping for the NCAA Championship. The March Madness Shopping Channel lets users compare teams based on conference or region, and sort by any of 16 team statistics -- including seed, AP ranking, Ratings Percentage Index, and field goal percentage -- to find the leader. Users can also view and compare teams by bracket, and will be able to track teams' progress as the tournament progresses.

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